Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I make a payment?
    Payments are currently only accepted via cryptocurrency. Please follow the instructions on the checkout page to complete your payment. 

  • What do I need to start watching?
    To start watching, you will need an Android or Apple device to install the application. Please see the setup guides to see if you have a compatible device.

  • I signed up but my service has not been activated.
    Please allow up to 12 hours for your service to become active as it is not automatically activated. If it has been more than 12 hours and your account is still not active, please join the live chat or submit a ticket here for further assistance.

  • How do I to login to the application?
    Click here to view your login details. You will also receive an email titled Your WITV Service Info which includes your app login details. Please use those details to login to the application. You will not be able to login to the application using your email address. Your email address is only used to login to this website / client area.

  • I cannot login with the provided login details.
    You may need to connect to a VPN before signing in. VPN is included with your subscription and is available to use within the WITV app. However, if you are using a third-party app you will need your own VPN. To turn on the VPN within the WITV app, click on the Settings icon, then click on VPN > CONNECT > Once CONNECTED, go back and try signing in again. If you are still having trouble, please contact us via live chat or open a support ticket.

  • Does this work on my Amazon Fire device?
    Yes, click here for Fire stick setup guide.

  • Does this work on Roku?
    Unfortunately Roku devices are not supported at this time.

  • Does this work on Smart TV's?
    Unfortunately Smart TV's are not supported at this time. The only way to watch on your TV is through a Fire stick or Android box. Apple TV is also supported via third party application.

  • Does this work on Android TV boxes / Android mobile?
    Yes, if you have access to the Google Play store on your Android device, you can install it directly by clicking here. If your device does not have the Google Play store, you will have to sideload our APK to your device. Click here for more info.

  • Does this work on MAG boxes?
    Unfortunately MAG boxes are not supported at this time.

  • Is there an M3U link that I can access?
    Yes, please click here. Then click on your active package and go to IPTV Service Details.

  • What internet speed do I need to watch?
    We recommend having a minimum of 20Mbps download. Having speeds lower than 20Mbps may result in channels freezing or not starting at all.

  • Where can I see a list of the channels available?
    Click here to see our full list of channels.

  • How many devices can I connect simultaneously?
    You can have up to 2 devices connected and watching at the same time on all the plans except for the yearly plans which includes 3 devices.

  • Can I add extra connections?
    Yes, you can add extra connections on the order page.

  • Do I need a VPN to watch?
    No, a VPN is not required. However if you'd like to use one, you will have the option to turn it on within the WITV PLAYER app.

  • I'm trying to watch a movie but it keeps crashing.
    Go into the app Settings > Player and change the player for VOD to the alternative option.

  • I'm trying to watch catch-up but it keeps interrupting.
    Go into the app Settings > Player and change the player for Catch-Up to the alternative option.

  • My channels are buffering.
    Go into the app Settings > Player and change the player for Live TV to the alternative option.

  • TV Guide is is blank or not updating.
    Go to the main screen of the app and click UPDATE on the top right corner.

  • How do I add channels to favorites?
    Press and hold select (middle button on the remote) on a channel to add it to your favorites.
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